Welcome (about Inter-Professional Inc)

INTER-PROFESSIONAL is an professional team formed by incredibly talented industry-wide experts. It is not just a CRO. We drive Innovative Medicine Development for Bright Future in Global Health.


Have you heard the word "inter-professional"?


It is one of the important concept for healthcare professionals working together as one high-performing team. However, not all healthcare professionals collaborate effectively as teams. Quality of teamwork among healthcare professionals is critical and it has been closely linked to patient mortality, morbidity, and satisfaction with care, as well as healthcare provider job satisfaction. Poor quality teamwork is associated with higher rates of medical errors and adverse events for patients. I am fully aware of that this concept should also be focused in the medicine development team.


In the last 20 years the environment of pharmaceutical development has changed drastically. I think that we are now in a turning point. Probability of development success declines year by year, and the cost of clinical stages which accounting for the majority of pharmaceutical R&D expenses increased several times. We, all globally working for better health care and society, have entered the era of thinking about improving global health world. Prestigious research laboratories have been closed one after the other, many pharmaceutical companies sifted over to open innovation and collaboration with excellent but small bio-ventures, academic institutions and is becoming mainstream.


Inter-professional Inc offers professional services in the medicine development and supports/helps to maximize the performance of cross-functional team playing a central role in the development of medicines. We are looking forward to having encounters like those in the movies for client’s success story.


Our commitment:

  • We propose a solution with thinking outside the box. Because the future awaits to be seen.
  • We value the client's mission, philosophy, history, and the social connection. Because we are enthusiastically work closely together as a foundation for the society.
  • We do continue to be an industry wide experts for ourselves as well. Because, one of our mission is to create  bright suture through providing the best servises.


Inter-Professional Inc, through its Founder and CEO Kazuhiro Kanmuri (Kaz Kanmuri), PhD, provides various type of talent development consulting, a range of medicine development and post-marketing activity related consulting services to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies and academic organizations.

Featured services by experienced and industry wide experts:

  • Hands on training (cross-functional team level, individualized/personalized training/coaching for management, middle manager and working level)
  • Well-defined Japan medicine development strategy (focus clinical, regulatory, commercialization) with well-orchestrated clinical operations (Quality, Design, Efficiency, Speed, Cost effective oriented algorithm to be collaboratively generated)
  • Strategic and development advisory services to senior level management